The premise of this book is that cooking is not about being the best or most perfect cook; it is about sharing the table and bonding with family and friends, including your canine friends and family members. Use this book to make tasty, healthful appetizers, meals, snacks, and desserts that you can serve your entire family, and/or host your first canine-human dinner party! How cool is that? Start living an active, Dog-Food-Free Lifestyle at your house and eat healthful, made from scratch, meals together every day. 


Say “NO” to DOG FOOD includes over 50 “HUMAN-TESTED” recipes for meals, side-dishes, treats and desserts for everyone in your family to eat. Treat your family once a week, have a special theme day, or jump in full-time like us. Dogs are social beings just like most humans, so share and enjoy the ultimate social bonding experience that occurs when you dine with your entire family, including you canine family members.

Say “NO”to DOG FOOD, is the first book in our Eat Your Own Dog Food series and uses Luna’s success story to help you think differently about feeding your canine family members. It is written in a whimsical, conversational tone, by Luna from her perspective. If Luna could talk, I am most certain this is what she would say. What would your canine companions say about what you feed them every day? 

What do we mean by, Say “NO” to DOG FOOD? Don’t let the title fool you. It does not simply mean saying “NO” to all processed bagged or canned dog food and treats. Essentially it means saying “NO” to any food item that includes the word “dog” on the label. However, this book is NOT another book about making homemade bulk dog food or raw food, supplementing dog food, or making homemade treats that only your dog eats.

Our Book

The first few chapters provide the basic information you need to begin living the Dog-Food-Free Lifestyle using our 4-PAWS-PLUS Plan™. With our easy to use plan, you can completely ditch any dog food and dog treats in your house forever. Instead of spending $5.00 on a bag of homemade dog treats, buy a pound of lean ground beef or two pounds of chicken and create a great meal or snack for your entire family using one of our healthful recipes.

When you start using this book to live the Dog-Food-Free Lifestyle, a funny thing may happen. Your canine companion will truly start acting like a family member, just like Luna does. When I am preparing our meals, she will walk into the kitchen to smell what I am cooking. If she could speak, I am certain she would say, “What’s for dinner mom?” or, “That smells good, when do we eat?” She will then go sit in her favorite spot and wait to be served. Luna has developed great table manners on her own: No begging, whining, or counter surfing. She knows that we will all sit down together to eat. She even waits until we are all served before she begins eating.

Start creating the dog-food free lifestyle that works for your family. Caution, no junk-food junkies or prepackaged, convenience-food addicts allowed. Only fresh, natural, wholesome, dog-food-eating fanatics should enter! FIND OUT IF YOU ARE READY.

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