Hello, my name is Luna.

My book and my mom's online community will help you:

  • Stay safe from tainted dog foods and treats,
  • Get healthy and active together,
  • Create a special bond with your canine family member(s), and
  • Laugh and have more fun interacting with other canine-dining fanatics.

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Meet Luna

I am a 100-pound, Blue Gascon, Labrador Retriever, mixed-breed, born on May 7, 2011. I was 4-months old and weighed 25-pounds when my parents adopted me and brought me home from the Guilford county animal shelter. For the past two years, my mom has been feeding me "real food," not dog food. She says, "there is no such thing as dog food or people food, just food."

"To lead an extraordinary life, find out what the ordinary do--and don't do it."