Meet My Mom

Dr. Lori Lindbergh, RN, MBA, PhD

Lori is an organizational psychologist, registered nurse, and personal fitness trainer with over 30 years of experience, including direct patient care, nutritional counseling, human behavior change management, research and development, and management and leadership. She has integrated her broad range of experiences and her exceptional assessment, research, and evidence-based evaluation skills to develop her 4-PAWS-PLUSPlan. Her plan integrates National Research Council Standards for animal nutrition, veterinarian-supported literature and best practices, and human nutritional guidelines to create healthful meals, snacks, and desserts your entire family will love, including your canine family member(s).

Lori’s balanced approach to meal planning and preparation allows Luna to eat all foods, including wheat, corn, soy, gluten, eggs, and dairy products to achieve full nutritional benefits from real food versus supplements. Tap into Lori’s passion for healthful living and her understanding of human behavior change to help you achieve a more healthful, active lifestyle and establish the ultimate bond with your canine family member(s). 

Lori has been preparing healthful meals from scratch for her family for over 15 years and recently extended her passion for healthful living to include her pride and joy, Luna. Over the past 3 years, Lori has helped transform Luna from a frail, 25-pound shelter puppy with gastrointestinal problems, to a thriving, 100-pound, active family member who enjoys a healthful,

dog-food-free lifestyle every day. 

"Throughout my entire life, I have never settled for the ordinary or the status quo. When it comes to feeding Luna, I choose not to be an ordinary parent; I choose to be an extraordinary parent and live the dog-food-free lifestyle."

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